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Friday, November 27, 2015


BLACK FRIDAY.............no way I'm going out in the mob today so a sympathy card for those who brave it and get shoved around by others.  :)  Seriously, I had this card on the list to post today anyway.  It's one I had made a while back and it has already been used.  The stamp set is from Stampin' Up!.  

One of my daughters and three granddaughters will be going with me to one craft show as an annual thing that we do.  Otherwise I will be taking it easy today and recovering from our big day yesterday.

Thanks for coming back!

(UPDATE:  The stamp set used was Stampin' Up! "Love & Sympathy".)


bonnie32002 said...

I love you comment about the sympathy card and Black Friday shoppers. I had to work but I'm sure I had less stress than those out trying to get bargains. Lovely floral image, did you say what set that was from?

Lynette said...

Very pretty, Vicki! Sorry I haven't commented very much lately:( I have checked out all of your beautiful cards, though. Well done!!