Tuesday, June 7, 2016


I don't think this card needs much of an explanation but if you have any questions, just let me know.  

Probably by the time you are seeing this, I will have been up very early and working at the local precinct for the Iowa Primary Election.  I really enjoy working at the election.  Ordinarily I am not  an early morning person,  but this does require getting up at 5:00 AM so that I can get to the polls at 6:00 AM.  We have to set up and be ready for voters at 7:00 AM.  Then the polls stay open until 9:00 PM.  It takes about an hour to tally up the information to submit to the County, pack up and then get home hopefully shortly after 10:00 PM.  It makes for a very long day but I have two other great helpers who serve with me.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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bonnie32002 said...

Love the pale pinks and greens together! Hope you have a good day...you can always sleep late tomorrow!

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