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Friday, January 30, 2015

MEMORY BOX - Lucienne Tile Border

It's late in the day, but I decided I couldn't wait until Monday to share this card.  First, there is a little history......I saw a card that someone had made using this Lucienne Tile Border and I thought the design was just beautiful!  So I headed to the Internet to purchase one.  Site after site was sold out but then I found one on Amazon.com and it was the last one they had.  I purchased, paid and was so excited.  A few days later I got a refund for the full amount.  Evidently their inventory was not accurate!!!  I was so disappointed.
The first place I had looked was eBay but the only thing I found there was someone who was selling the die cuts.  I decided to go back to eBay and there was ONE but it was in England.  Thankfully she had a Buy It Now price on it so I jumped!!!  We had quite a time getting the payment taken care of, but the seller was superb and patient.  Today the die arrived and I had to try it immediately!
My yesterday's post mentioned that I had done some other background designs using Alcohol Inks.  The one on this card was going to be thrown away yesterday but it was still on my table.  The overall look was not good but when I put the white layer on top of the glossy paper it was beautiful with the part that shown through the die cut and just the edges. 

I then cut a sprig of flowers with a second Memory Box die.  After I adhered it to the front of the card, I took sections of the leftover inked background and cut individual flowers.  The yellow flowers appear more orange than they are but I couldn't get a picture that satisfied me.  This die is one of my favorites and I know I'll be using it a lot more.
Since you took a moment to stop by my blog today, won't you tell me what you think?   I always appreciate your comments!!!  Have a great weekend!


Sheri said...

It is beautiful , Vicki

Lynette said...

That really IS a gorgeous die, Vicki! I love what you've done with it, too. So beautiful!

Bella Carta at Art 'n Soul said...

aren't you glad you didn't throw that paper away! its always amazing what you can do with those results you don't like; we just have to learn to be patient and to also look at them differently! beautiful beautiful card . . . again!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty card. Love that paper.

Sandy said...

I love how the background you created set off the delicate die!

bonnie32002 said...

I love the two dies together. It just goes to prove you don't know how a project will look until you put it together!

Unknown said...

I just loved this card!! ...so I went on a hunting trip on the web and actually found both dies on the Web Store (along with another die I just had to have) .. can't wait to receive them. I have just the paper to use with them.. thanks for sharing all your good ideas. Martha