Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Yesterday I mentioned that I would be getting together with my friends, Carol and Joanne, to begin making cards for the holidays.  This is one style of card we made......44 of these will be going to the independent living center where my 95 year old mother lives.  They donated to the staff to be handed out from the staff for all of the residents.

I saw the basic idea on Pinterest and ran with it.  I had just the right supplies already on hand.  After we the card base (A2) was folded, "Boo!" was stamped to start off the spacing for everything else.  The next step was to add a strip of Washi tape and then the orange backgrounds with the ghosts on top.  "Happy Halloween" was stamped inside.

A clean and simple card that I think will be a big hit with the residents.  When I visit my mother, I have noticed on various occasions that some of the residents hang the card on the door to their apartment......which makes me feel really good knowing that they like them.

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Sheri said...

This is a great card for them. I bet it will make their holiday so much more enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

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