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Thursday, December 1, 2011

PENNY BLACK STICKERS - Christmas Traditions #6

I love this Santa sticker!  I can just see the smile on the face of one of my grandchildren when they receive this card at Christmas.  Although our family generally is able to get together on Christmas or close to then, I usually make each of the children their own cards.

NOTE:  I have prepared the last three weeks of posts in advance because of moving my mother.  This post is appearing on December 1 and I hope to have things settled enough that I have returned to making some new Christmas cards to share with you.  If not,  I'll be back soon!  I hope you have enjoyed the posts that were prepared in advance.

(See full sheet of stickers on my November 10 post.) 

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Barb said...

I love all the cards with these great stickers! I hope your mother's move went well.

Sheri said...

You have some great stickers. And the move is complete just before the snow. We are expecting 3 - 6 inches tomorrow. Heading your way!

Anonymous said...

cute, cute. one of your little ones will love this. ~Pat

Linda Fisher said...

I had to look twice, I didn't know it was a sticker. Hope all is going well with your Mom!