Thursday, March 6, 2014

NO CARD YET..........

Last week I finished all of the work on our tax return and it is filed.  That felt so good.  But I'm still feeling a little "down" following the funeral of our special friend on Monday.  Yesterday I needed to work off some of the residule feelings I was having so I really dug into my office/craft room.  It was amazing (and not in a good way) at some of the things I found.  Needless to say there is a  lot going out to the garbage and recycling!!!  One of the things I accomplished was better organizing my Stampin' Up! stamp sets.

I freed up one of the shelves on the bookcase unit that I was storing the Copic CIAO markers inventory.  Now all of my new clear stamp sets can be lined up neatly so I can see all of the title at a glance. And yet the markers are organized in a box so I can easily access them.

One of the funny things I found were OLD income tax returns and paycheck stubs which I had decided to save at one time just so our daughters could see how different "incomes" were when we were first married.  It was time that they get tossed along with the other "saved" items.  When I found them in the paperwork that had been saved, my husband and I did  have a good laugh and were in awe at how we had managed to pay for our home when the daughters were very little and have the good life that we did.
Today is a new day and if I am not mistaken, my friend would want all of us on our Yahoo group to "carry on" and make the most of each day.  So today is going to be a day that I get at least one card made......hopefully more.
Thanks for stopping by and "listening". 


Sheri said...

Good job on the organizing. I have just finished all of my clear stamps and my stickers. Felt good to finish! Yes, Joanne wants us to move ahead. In fact when I talked with her husband a day or two after she has passed, I asked him how he was doing and he said, "It was Joanne's desire that we move ahead and we are doing so". Have fun stamping!

Lynette said...

Great job on the organizing and purging, Vicki. You're right - Joanne would want us to "carry on."


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