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Thursday, January 28, 2016


The local baseball diamond was recently deeded back to our town from the school.  A baseball association has been formed and they are in the process of fund raising to make improvements there. The diamond is what we locals refer to as "the REAL Field of Dream" because we actually had several great baseball players go on to play minor and major league baseball.......including Bruce Kimm and Mike Boddicker.  Mike was actually the Most Valuable Player the year the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series.  You have to understand that at the time our high school baseball teams won 20 State Championships we had only about 100 kids in the entire high school so having the number of players go on to the minor and major leagues was very special!!!

Enough bragging.........the baseball association is having a "Hot Stove Banquet" tomorrow night and some individual families and business bought tickets for an entire table.  Those tables will have reservation signs on their tables.  My daughter cut letters with her Cricut for all of the signs (double sided) and I used two old Stampin' Up!  baseball sets to decorate them.  This is the one that will sit on the table for a local business.

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Lynette said...

That is so awesome about baseball in your town! Great sign. How fun to be able to work on it with your daughter.

bonnie32002 said...

Thanks for sharing c the story. You and you're daughter did a great job on the sign.

Anonymous said...

Good project