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Thursday, September 4, 2014


My husband started working for our town not too long before our first daughter was born.  When Jennifer arrived, I was completely surprised at how many baby cards we received from residents of our little community.
Well, my husband retired about 3 years ago.  In some ways history is repeating itself.  The young many who replaced him became a father for the first time shortly after he started working for the town.  We remembered the kindness shown to us years ago so I certainly wanted to do the same for them.  I made a card for them and we gave them a gift.  They just had their second child a couple of days ago and this is the card I made for them this time.
This cute little teddy is an image from Darcie's and may have been retired but I love that I can use it for a baby boy or a girl just by changing the color if the p.js.
Thanks for coming by today.


Lynette said...

Very cute, Vicki! And I'm sure it was greatly appreciated.

Sandy said...

Very cute card Vicki! Isn't it wonderful to watch the circle of life go on in your community?