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Friday, February 7, 2014


 Today I want to show you the card I made for our favorite Grandson............OK, I can say that because he is our ONLY Grandson.  You may remember that this past November we took our whole family to Disneyworld.  When we went to Disney Downtown, Tucker had the best time at Lego World.  Tucker and his Grandpa (my husband) spent a long time building a little car and racing it on a little track they had there.  Such great quality time together!
I had a card ready to send when I suddenly remembered these Lego stickers.  The stickers were something that I thought I had to have after I saw a card made by my friend, Georgia.  As I so often do, I put them in the drawer with all of my other stickers and forgot about them.  I'm so glad I did because this was really the perfect time to use them on a card for Tucker.
I have a niece who has two little boys and a nephew who has a little boy so I went ahead and made up three more cards with the stickers that were left.  Otherswise I have a feeling the rest of them would have been left in that sticker drawer and never gotten used.  Here are the other three cards I put together for them.


Ann Schach said...

Super cute, Vicki! With the Lego movie coming out, these are perfect!

Bonnie32002 said...

These are adorable! And such good memories.

Sheri said...

Great card Vicki. Georgia helped me make a Lego card for my grandson a few years ago in DM. He loved it so I am sure Tucker will as well. Tell him happy birthday from the group! By the way, I have a favorite granddaughter - same reason!

Anonymous said...

Cute idea