Friday, February 5, 2016


This was a very easy card to make.  I used two dies for the design and placed light colored pink vellum behind the cut out heart.

I had intended to have a card each day this week but once again good intentions are not enough.  I wanted to be able to make cards for an Independent Living Center (44) and a Nursing Home (53).  Tuesday and Wednesday I was cutting layers, punching hearts etc.and getting ready for a real busy day Thursday.  I was so fortunate to have a friend who wanted to help and I welcomed the offer.  

Yesterday (Thursday) we started making cards at about 9:30 AM.  At a little after 2:30 PM we had completed assembling and stamping 97 cards.  I felt like yelling MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.  In the process we used several things that I had in my "hoard"  for a very long time.  That felt really good to use up materials.  We had such a good time and even managed to do a lot of visiting along the way.  We're already excited about getting together to do this all over again with Easter cards.

Come back Monday and I will begin showing you some of the cards that we made.Thank you for stopping by today!

(P.S.  I have been aware that when I schedule posts or post them  like I am now, that they show up on my page for me to see immediately, but those of you who get the email notices don't get those until almost a day later!!!  I don't know why.)


Lynette said...

What a beautiful card, Vicki! I love both dies that you used, and the soft pink, too.

Anonymous said...

Really pretty card

Anonymous said...

Great card Vicki....Love the simple ones and this one is elegant!!!


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