Monday, October 31, 2011


Today is Halloween so my post really needs to be something "spookey".  Since I didn't have any additional ones to show, I am pulling a card out of the ones I made in 2009.  This was a case of a card that my friend Georgia made.  The main difference between hers and mine was that she had added an orange layer of card stock between the yellow layer and the card base which really set hers off even more.

If you are out Trick or Treating tonight with the kids, hope everybody is safe and has a wonderful time.  Our weather is actually going to cooperate rain and not overly chilly.  It means up and down answering the door a lot of times but I do especially enjoy the little ones and some of the very clever costumes.

Thanks for stopping by!  Your comments are always welcome..................I really enjoy hearing from you! 


Barbara said...

Happy Halloween, Vicki! This is very pretty and the witch stamp is very effective over your background. One of my favorite witch images!

Anonymous said...

i would never have thought. elegantly spooky. great card

Char said...

That witch makes the card. I love the scene....but the witch adds some extra pizazz....and I don't normally care for witches.

Ann Schach said...

WOW! I am glad you pulled this one back out from the archives! This witch is fabulous!


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