Monday, January 2, 2017


Last week was a very busy but very fun week!  Christmas Day our family got together and end enjoyed our meal together and exchanged our gifts which included a few gag gifts for our two daughters.  My husband loves to "pick on them" with something funny almost every year.

Our grandchildren, Taryn and Tucker came home with us and stayed for the week.  Their sister Ashlyn also joined for several of the nights.  We had a full house.  When I volunteered to have them all week, I thought I'd be very tired by the end of the week but it was so much fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The biggest thing I noticed was so many more dirty dishes with five of us here.  

Taryn and Ashlyn are very interested in art.  Taryn has played with my alcohol inks before and she wanted to show Ashlyn how to do it.  (Younger sister teaching her older sister.)  Here is some of their results.

Taryn #1 - watermelon results

Taryn #2

Taryn #3  (I think this would work great under an open die cut)

Ashlyn #1 - (she left this one for me to use)

Ashlyn #2 - Her interpretation of abstract art

Ashlyn #3 - She made this for her mother

They had so much fun with the alcohol inks that I actually placed an order to get all the tools, Yupo paper, felt and inks for them.  I placed the order one evening and had the items two days later.

One day one of our other granddaughters (Emma) joined Ashlyn here and they made chocolate chip cookies for Grandpa.  All of the grandchildren have made cookies for Grandpa at various times but these two had never gotten to do it together and asked if they could.  The pictures of all of them are on my refrigerator and they wanted a joint picture of the two of them.

Taryn also loves to stamp.  I gave her two sets of my Stampin' Up sets with some cute animals to play with and ended up letting her keep them.  Before it was over they went home with a bag full of stamps, inks,and all of the alcohol ink things.

It sounds like Tucker was ignored while they were here but he just had other things he was doing and not so much into the crafty items.  He had his share of fun too.  He enjoys getting to watch movies on Netflix when he is here and has some different computer games that he gets to use. They also played the board game Sorry and Old Maid.   I pretty much let them do what they want (within reason) while they are here.

I hope all of you enjoyed your holidays as much as we did.  We took in a couple of great movies (Hacksaw Ridge and  The Accountant).before and after the grandchildren were here and had several meals out.  Now the house is quiet again and it is time to get back to "normal".  I'll have a new card for you tomorrow.   Thank you for coming by today!

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Lynette said...

That sounds like a really fun time, Vicki! How awesome that you are able and available to enjoy the grandkids like that. I love all the new cards you have posted, too. Sorry I haven't been around much.


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