Monday, April 24, 2017


In 2012 my husband I made another trip to the Grand Canyon.  It is absolutely my very favorite place to vacation!  We had never been to the North Rim before so after staying on the South Side for a few days, we spent one night on the North Rim.  That evening we were visiting with a couple of travelers who we met on one of the walking trails..  One was from Minnesota and the other was from Spain.  

After a couple of encounters with them and watching the sunset with them, we were asked where we were headed next.  We were heading to Zion National Park and since that was the same general direction Jaime was headed they asked if we would consider giving him a lift.  We NEVER give rides to hitchhikers!  I'm not sure why we did but it was a great decision.  We enjoyed our time with him so much.  It was only a few hours but we remain in touch now and then.

His sister recently contacted me through Facebook.  Jaime had been traveling all over the United States and other countries.  During his travels he made a lot of friends so his sister is encouraging as many as she can to send him a video or birthday card for his 40th birthday. He has since settled down, has a baby boy and teaching in the UK.  This is the card I mailed to him.

I doubt very much we will be picking up any more hitchhikers any time soon but this is one time that it worked out very well.  Jaime was so considerate with us.  To thank us he sent a wonderful book about the area in Spain where his family is from.  I hope he receives many, many greetings from all over the world!

Thank you for coming by today!


Lynette said...

How cool, Vicki! Great card, too. I like that stamp.

Anonymous said...

Great experience for you and gary and a great card for your new friend


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