Monday, March 23, 2015


I had scheduled posts for last week ahead of time but didn't get one for Friday done in time.  I was busy preparing for a week with four grandchildren who were on Spring Break at school. Monday through Wednesday afternoon I had three of the family here.  Wednesday afternoon they got to go to the movie Cinderella with their Aunt Jamie and then I took them to their other Grandma's on a farm for two nights.  While they were gone, their older sister Allissa (16) drove here on her own and stayed for two nights.  I was thrilled that at her age she wanted to come and visit too!  What a treat!!!!
Friday afternoon, Allissa drove back to their home again and the three kids came in from the country to stay with us for one more night before our daughter came to pick them up on Saturday afternoon.   We've never had grandchildren in and out of here for 6 days .  It was a very busy week but a lot of fun. 
Tucker (9) and Taryn (7) love to spend time on their computer.  They almost look like twins and certainly are very close in the way the interact together. 

Ashlyn (14) used to make cards when she came to visit.  She hasn't been here to stay for quite a while.  Since she wanted to make an Easter card, I got out this Spellbinders die that I hadn't used yet.  Taryn (who knows all about all of my "toys" and how to operate them) "helped" Ashlyn know what to do with the Cuttlebug and told her she needed grass and clouds.  She reminded me where I keep the cloud dies.........what a memory!!!  At one point Ashlyn asked me "How does she (Taryn) know all this?".  All I could do was shake my head.

After Ashlyn made her card, Taryn wanted to make one too and used the same Spellbinders egg dies.  I had bought stickers for her to use so she added a bunny to the front of the card and decorated the inside of her card with some of the other stickers.
The next day they saw a card on my table that I had received from one of my friends and Ashlyn said she'd like to make one similar to it and naturally Taryn wanting to be like her sister wanted to make one too.
Ashlyn's card
Taryn's card
They did their own coloring with markers on the stamp and stamped the images.  Then they cut out all of the layers for the image using Spellbinders rectangle dies.  I showed them how to cut the large mat with a small trimmer I have.  The only thing I did was on Taryn's card.....I cut the ends of the tag so it wouldn't be just a rectangle piece.  I'd be proud to use these cards myself.  They did an awesome job and were very pleased with them.
Whenever the grandchildren come all of them want to make cookies for Grandpa.  While these four were here, three batches of chocolate chip cookies got whipped up and a double batch of cut out sugar cookies.  Ashlyn and I did the frosting and Taryn and Tucker decorated. 
Before they left, Taryn and Tucker had to spend a little more time on the computer.

The weather was good while they were here so they also got a ride on the golf cart with Grandpa, had two trips to the playground, played outside here and at the neighbors.  There was also some time watching movies and quiet time doing some reading.
Now it is time for me to get back to making some Easter/Spring cards for the people on my list who are in the care centers and independent living centers.
Hope you had a great week last week!  Thanks for stopping by today!!!


Lynette said...

What fun pictures, and it sounds like a great week!! That is so special.

Ann Schach said...

What a wonderful post, Vicki! You have some awesome stampers in the family!

bonnie32002 said...

I envy you and your grandchildren! I don't have any although all my children are in their mid to late 30'summer theyhave yet to get married. And it's not lookin' good in that department lol! And I could never get ,your daughter interested in stamping sigh. Maybe theyear switched babies in the hospital? Although I know that not to be true because she looks so much like me. It must be genetic then! Her dad's genes are contaminating her!