Friday, May 15, 2015


Do any of you buy items that you just love but that can't find it in yourself to actually use them because you don't want to no longer have them?  Well these daisies are some that I bought several years ago and have been having a hard time making myself use them to share on a card to someone.  These aren't actually card parts but they are things that need to be used.
The card base was in my card parts and had been embossed with this lovely design but I thought it needed something I used two of the daisies here.

Three more daisies......................

and although this card looks white in the picture, the card base is a soft ivory since these four flowers had ivory petals.
OK - so now these flowers have found their way to cards.  How long will I hold on to the cards before I actualy share them with someone?????  Let them go!
Thanks for stopping by!  I'll have more cards using card parts next week.

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Lynette said...

I love those daisies. I've had some and have used them all up:) Great cards!


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