Monday, July 25, 2016


Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday my husband, one of our daughters and two granddaughter braved the heat (Heat Index of around 110 degrees) and traveled to the Iowa State Softball Tournament.  By the way, the team for our school district WON the tournament and our pitcher set two new records with her performance!  

I do not do well in the heat and was quite satisfied to have that time just for me to do what I wanted and when I wanted.  I got to eat some things that my husband doesn't like - or to be correct foods he won't try.....tacos and my favorite soup from Biaggi's..  A lot of time was spent making cards.  Those cards will be appearing on my blog a little later.

On June 23rd, I posted this card that was made at a card class in Des Moines.  

After coming home from Des Moines, I placed an order with Penny Black and purchased more sheets of the stickers we had used in the class.  When I was ready to use this beautiful design on another card, I realized that the one in class had a larger card based.  Also I didn't have red ribbon that would work so I made my own version with an A2 card base and like it just as much.  Without the ribbon it will be easier to mail.

I think this card is just as striking because of the red/black/white combination.  I was going to stamp the sentiment on the white space below the mats but was afraid I'd get it crooked, so I just added it to a separate piece of white card stock.

By the way, I do have more sheets of Penny Black stickers with several different designs.  If you are interested, I can email you pictures.  The sheets are $2.00 each.

Thank you so  much for coming by today!

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Lynette said...

Your version is just as pretty, Vicki. I bought a sheet of those stickers when we were there, so I need to use mine.

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