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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Before I go any further, one of the visitors to my blog was so kind as to tell me where I must have seen the video showing how to make one like this.  This is a link to the blog:  Double Fold Gate Card- DOstamping with Dawn.  (Thank you Dixie for letting me know where to find it!)  I'm not sure how I happened to just recently run across the video because the video was posted May 17, 2012.
For this one, I ran the stripes the other direction and reversed the placement of the patterns.  Although the design on the front of the card is large like yesterday's I was careful to add the foam dots so that the card would open completely. 
Once again the design on the front of the card is from Taylored Expressions "Embrace Beauty" stamp set.

I will have one last gate fold card tomorrow and then Friday a completely different style so be sure to come back.  (For directions for the gate fold, refer to my post of September 2)

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Anonymous said...

haven't commented on the first two - wanted to wait till the 3rd. great card. not as colorful as you usually do on the outside but a great job nonetheless. lots of awesome work on this design.