Tuesday, November 4, 2014


As I prepare this post it is November 3.  By the time this actually posts on November 4, I will have been up and ready for the day.  I will be getting up about 5:00 AM so I can be at the Voting Precinct here in town to get things set up.  Five of us will be manning the polls from 7:00 AM until 9:00 PM.  Then there will be another hour after that preparing everything to submit to the County.
It seems that every year there are people who are under the impression that there is another "shift of workers" that will come in to relieve us at some point.  NOT!  We are there for the duration and are not allowed to leave the building.....so it is a very long day.  However, if I didn't enjoy doing it I wouldn't do it.

Of course we can't leave during the day to get something to eat.  I have worked with these same people several times and in June the three of us who were working brought foods to share.  This election day there will be five of us and we will be sharing loose meat sandwiches, potato salad, potato chips, cookies and pumpkin pie.  Sure beats taking cold meat sandwiches or soup like I used to do. 
For those of you who are from the USA and visit my blog, I hope you consider using your very special Right to Vote today.  It is a priviledge that many citizens in other countries do not have.
Please come back tomorrow to see the special birthday card I made for my mother to send my husband.

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Bonnie32002 said...

I'm all voted up! I had no idea how long a day the poll workers put in!