Monday, November 10, 2014


This card has a story.  November 9th is my friend Lynette's wedding anniversary and I was in such a hurry to send a card to them that I mistakenly sent her a birthday card!!!  Sad to say, but I think I did the same thing last year.  I couldn't let that be what they received, so I sent a real anniversary card as well which I will post later if it hasn't already been posted on the blog.
A few days before I made this card, I had used SU markers to color in an acrylic block, spritzed it and then pressed it onto white card stock.  Before wiping off the block I pressed it a second time onto a second piece of card stock.  I like the affect for a background.
Sorry this is getting posted so late in the day.  I've been busy the last few days going through three boxes of old photos that were never put into albums.  I really want to know that they are preserved so I've been scanning, labeling and categorizing them.......not a small job since they go back to 1985!!! What was I thinking???
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Harriet Skelly said...

Great colors on this card - love it!

Lynette said...

Vicki - this card is even more beautiful in person than it is on my computer:) I thank you for it, and will set it aside until the end of December and then I will "rediscover" it! The anniversary card you sent (that arrived in plenty of time) was equally as gorgeous. Thanks for that as well.


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