Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Thank you to one of my loyal followers for telling me that she was glad to see me posting "again".    Her message made me aware that those of you who signed up to receive daily notices of my blog posts probably were not receiving them.  Due to the number of emails I receive each day and my busy schedule I had not noticed that I was no longer receiving the notice of my own blog or notices from other blogs I had signed up for. 
There must have been a glitch somewhere along the line because all of a sudden I started receiving them again.  And here I had just thought some of these other crafters were no longer posting.  So if you thought I was no longer posting and you are now getting this post through an email, you can click on the "HEARTWARMERS FROM VICKI" that appears just above the word "INFORMATION" and it will take you to my blog page.  Then you can scroll back through posts that you may have missed.

Two ways to see my blog:  1) signing up for the message when a post is made to my blog and/or  2) mark my blog as a "favorite place" on your computer so you can visit whenever you like.


Anonymous said...

hi Vicki……thanks for responding to my comments about you being “back to posting”. I followed your suggestions on how to click on the heartwarmers from Vicki to be directed to your blog. I found lots of great cards on the blog that had not posted to my email. thanks for clearing up my confusion.

Ann Schach said...

Same thing here, Vicki! I had not been receiving your email notifications. I'm off to catch up on what I have missed!

Harriet Skelly said...

Hi Vicki - I wasn't getting your blog or almost any other blog for quite a while. A few days ago they all started coming into my email! Harriet


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