Monday, November 17, 2014


A few days ago I posted a birthday card that I accidentally sent to a friend of mine who was actually going to be celebrating their anniversary.  This is the anniversary card that I sent when I found out what I had done.  The card had actually been posted on July 8 of this year so if you would like any further details, you can go back to that post.
I'm still working on the HUGE project of scanning all the pictures so I've not made any cards lately.  I will try to at least post some "repeats" of my favorite cards for someone who may not have been here before.

Hope you are all staying warm.  So much of the U.S.A. is really cold right now!!!  Thanks for stopping by here!


Bonnie32002 said...

Wow! This is lovely! I am going to go look at the original post see if my guess is correct. The panel looks like floral vellum!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly beautiful card. Love the stand alone rosebud

Lynette said...

So very pretty, Vicki - and I'm honored to have it:)


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