Tuesday, November 28, 2017


There is a construction project going on directly across the alley from our house.  Three condominium units are being built and the noise is really getting to me.  The large trucks and other machines are constantly making those beeping noises when they back up.  Between the beeping and the pounding, I am having a really difficult time working in my computer/craft room.  It's pretty hard to concentrate and feel inspired.  

The window in my room look out on all of what is going on.  While it has been fun to watch some of the process, the noise has finally gotten to me.  So I may be absent for a few days while this goes on.  

Please stay tuned because I do want to start posting Christmas cards very soon.....if I can get some made.


bonnie32002 said...

I feel for you! When we had our siding, windows and roofing replaced it was like being in a heart with an irregular heart beat...constant and pounding. Hope the loudest part of the project goes quickly!

mrses44 said...

Sure can't blame you! Hope the finish quickly! Have a good & relaxing rest.


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