Friday, October 3, 2014


On Friday, September 26th, the annual Buffalo Roundup was held.  We had been there in 2007 too.  When I realized that it was going to be held again 2 days before we had planned on going we added 2 days to the front of our trip because I love watching this.  It means a very early morning but I was so glad we got to see it again.
There are two viewing places to watch.  The picture shows the crowd across from us at the North viewing area.  Both times we have gone to the South viewing area and have been told that it is the best one and there were even more people on our side.

Buffalo are herded in with a lot of riders and some pickups.  This was when the herd was brought around close up to us.

They drive the herd up behind this hill and then they "run" them in.  It is like what you see in the movies with around 1300-1500 buffalo come running over the hill.  So cool!!!   (I took video of it but by zooming in to get a better look the video is pretty jumpy so I won't post it.) 

The buffalo are guided into a controled field and then over about 3 days they are all run through "gates" where they are given necessary shots.  They decide which ones will be sold.  When they release the buffalo from the "gates" they take off running and kicking like crazy.
After the round up we took a short nap because we had been up before 5:00 AM.  In the afternoon we went to a great place with wonderful wood carvings.  We found this one which was made by a man from a nearby community to where we live.
Then it was off to Crazy Horse Mountain to get some information.  We had been there before but this time was going to be different.  The picture above shows what the mounting carving will eventually look like with the actual one in the background.  The four heads of Mt. Rushmore would actually fit inside the head of Crazy Horse.  It is massive and will not be completed for many many years.  Sorry I won't live long enough to see it completed but I envy those who will witness it!!!  I have a deep respect for the Native Americans love of the land and their art.
I zoomed in on the carving so you could see the outline of the horse's head.
There is an annual June walk and now the second year of a September walk from the visitor's center to the top of the outstretched arm of Crazy Horse.  I had hoped to take a van up but that isn't done on the days of the walk.  It is a 10K walk from beginning to end.  I've never even done a walk more than 2 miles but I was determined to get up there because my husband was already planning to walk it. 

A later post will show what happened so be sure to come back.


Lynette said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, Vicki! That sounds like a great vacation.

Bonnie32002 said...

I agree, it looks like a wonderful trip!


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