Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I had hoped to be able to post these cards yesterday.  My friend and I had the goal of completing 97 Easter cards for the Independent Living Center and the Nursing Home that we had done holiday cards for previously.  We were going along so well and then i got a call that my mother needed to be taken to the emergency room.  Thankfully the "only thing" that was determined was that she had acute bronchitis.  By the time I got home I was just too tired to deal with my blog.

These two cards are a sample of the 44 we made for the Independent Living Center.  Some were also done with pinks and lavenders which are great colors for tulips.

The 53 cards that we made for the Nursing Home are like the pink one that was posted on March 1st.  We did those in a wide variety of small polka dots and checks.  

We managed to get all but about 15 cards done and I finished them this morning.  Be sure to come back tomorrow.  I will be posting a picture of some cards our granddaughter made.

Thank you for coming by today!


Lynette said...

Pretty cards and a great project. I hope your mother is doing better now.

Joan said...

Family comes first - always. Hope your mother is feeling better. Thank you for making so many beautiful cards for the seniors. I used to do that and when I can get back to my stamping stuff (it's all packed away for awhile) I will continue to make more. It's amazing how something so little can make such a difference and completely brighten someone's day....or whole week.

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