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Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm sorry there is no new card right now so I am posting some of my favorites from the past. 

Last week I was very busy getting items ready for a stamp sale.  The sale consisted of at least 35 ladies who brought new and used items to sell.  One lady even brought things from 4 hours away and had about 7 large tubs of items from her 30 year collection!!! 
Now that the sale is over, I will be listing many of the items that are still in my "stash" on eBay so if you'd like to check things out there, I will be placing a link to my list as soon as I get a start on the posts.  The sale was a complete success as far as I was concerned but now it is time to get back to using some of the items from the very large stash that I still have!

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