Wednesday, March 4, 2020


This was actually the first card I made using the Lasting Impressions brass stencils.  And this is when I discovered that trimming out these pieces and putting them back together for the design was not as easy as I remembered.

I no longer have any of the Lasting Impressions white card stock but using a light weight white worked fine since the paper and template is placed on a light box to do the embossing.  

I'd like to make another card like this but I would do a couple of things differently. I would use plain yellow paper for the chick.  Before assembling the pieces I would use a Ultra Fine Sharpie to enhance the eyes and noses on the bunny and chick.  I would also sponge some pink ink onto the bunny ears.  Looking at the design now, I think I would "cheat" and use a Martha Stewart punch to do the grass.

If I get another one like this done, I'll be sure to post it with the changes.  Thank you for checking out today's post.

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Cheryl W said...

I think your card turned out pretty cute, even without all the extra things you would do next time. We've come a long way from brass stencils, haven't we?


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