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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As I write this post to be revealed on March 13, a group of 77 from our cluster of five parishes is preparing to make a trip to Rome, Italy.  My husband and I are part of that group.  It is a trip I never dreamed we would be able to make so it is still a little unreal.  By the time this post shows on my blog, we will have hopefully returned safely but I am sure I will be too tired to do any posting right away on our return.  It just seemed appropriate to have this card posted at this time especially with Easter Sunday just a few weeks away. 

The layers and cross die cuts are from Spellbinders and I am so glad I purchased this set.  The tiny gold cross in the center is a sticker.

When I am finally feeling rested, I will post a few pictures of what I assume is going to be a very special time.


Lynette said...

Welcome back, Vicki! Very pretty card. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures.

Joanne said...

This card is GORGEOUS, Vicki!!! ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! The layers really accent the beautiful crosses! WOWZA! Well done!

bonnie32002 said...

This is just lovely! I too look forward to seeing and hearing about your once in a life-time trip!

Sheri said...

Welcome back! I know you had an amazing time. What a beautiful card and so appropriate right now for many reasons.

Char said...

Welcome back, Vicki!!! Glad you had such an awesome time. Once again, your card is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE the cross die!!