Monday, June 16, 2014


Last Friday my post told you that we were heading off to watch one of our granddaughters and her teammates play in a State 12U Softball tournament.  It certainly was an exciting weekend and lived up to the expectations of what those girls are capable of doing.  Please forgive me for doing a little (maybe alot of bragging).

This is our granddaughter doing her awesome job catching.  She can make moves that blow my mind!!!  At 12 years old she  knows how to stop pitches at home plate, get runners including at home plate and can throw them out at 2nd base.  Plus she got some great hits!!! 
For this tournament 60 teams were there.  60!!!!  It was a double elimination tournament.  After one loss a team moves to the loser's bracket and has to earn their way back.  Two losses and a team would go home.
The Ladycats played one game Friday night and won 12-0.  They only played one game again on Saturday and I think they won that one 5-0.  Sunday was looking like a hard day ahead.  They one game one the first one on Sunday.  I think they were feeling pretty cocky at that point and all added yellow ribbons to their ponytails.  They lost the next game - ribbons were removed and they washed their bats with soap and water to get rid of the Bad Carma.  LOL   To get to the top they had a lot of games ahead.
These girls were not going to go home without a fight!  They won two more games putting them up against a team with no losses, but they won.  How bad did they want it?
They won the 6th game of the day with a score of 2-1!!!!!
This picture is out of order but since it was Father's Day, all of the father's got to present their daughter with the Championship Plaque.  What a way to celebrate Father's Day!!!
These four girls will hopefully be playing Freshman/JV Softball next summer for their high school.
This special young lady is our granddaughter, Emma. 
She is one awesome catcher!!! 
We are so proud of her and the entire Ladycat team!!!!


Mehrll said...

I know that you are proud of your granddaughter! Seems they grow up so quick. Love these two cards. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Lynette said...

How exciting and awesome, Vicki! Congrats to Emma and her team.


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