Thursday, June 15, 2017


When I'm organized, I sometimes have cards scheduled for two weeks ahead.  That's a clue.....I'm not feeling very organized right now.  I just realized that I had posted nothing yet for today.

A few days ago I had my two friends, Joanne and Carol, come and I showed them a couple of things they were wondering about.  Something was mentioned about the die that makes this floral die cut so I brought it out and cut it.  It has been so much fun after all these years of making cards to have two ladies right here that are coming here to have some fun!

After they left, I put the die cut piece on my craft table.  Normally when I cut out these pieces I use Stick-It (a double sided adhesive) on the back side of the card stock before cutting.  I hadn't done that with this one since I was quickly demonstrating something.

I managed to get it adhered to the front of a card base and then added the additional die cut which I did do with Stick-It.  It's a very plain card, but I just couldn't bring myself to throw the flowers away.

Right now I'll schedule something to appear on my blog tomorrow.  Thanks for checking out this simple card.

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Lynette said...

Such pretty flowers! You just have the best dies, Vicki!


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