Monday, May 25, 2020


One of the ladies who gave presentations for the online stamp retreat sometimes has a "Mystery Challenge".  Once again she revealed the supplies we would need and then one by one told us what to do with the items.  We weren't shown a picture of what it would look like in advance.  Only after it was over did she show us what her card looked like.  

My card was made horizontally but there were a couple others had made where they made it vertically because their stamped image was vertical.  

I added a piece of the same dp on the inside of the card which was not part of her directions.  I thought it looked a little too plain without it.

It is interesting to see what others come up with when we are all working kind of blindly with no picture. 

Thank you for coming by today!


Cheryl W said...

That sounds like such an interesting experience. I'd love to take part in something like that. I like your idea of putting some DP on the inside--especially if you know you won't be using that side to write a personal note (which I sometimes do).

Lynette said...

That is such a cool thing! Your card sure turned out great!


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