Friday, May 31, 2013


Today we were supposed to leave on a road trip to Pennsylvania and my high school friend and her husband were going to fly in from Texas to meet us there.  From there we were going to go to New York City together, but those plans had to be canceled because my husband has developed a kidney stone for a 5th time......yes 5 times now. 
It's not all bad....he's not in pain due to the location of it and it is giving us the opportunity to do some other things during the 13-14 days we had planned to be away.  It allowed me to post cards that might not have happened while we were gone and it is allowing me to take part in a stamp sale which hopefully will give me some funds to help enable my addiction to stamps and other neat products.

I really hadn't planned on posting another pink and black card, but I had this butterfly that had started off as a GOOF.  Rather than let it go to waste I decided to use it and share what I did by mistake.
This was actually the first butterfly I made before the one I posted earlier.  My intention was to ink the stamp with VersaMark and then before stamping, ink it with black ink.  After doing that I stamped it onto the pink card stock.  I mistakenly grabbed a container of glitter instead of embossing powder. 
When I realized what I had done, before heating it I sprinkled it with clear embossing powder.  It actually worked out OK.  The embossing powder over the glitter made the glitter stick.  The spots on the butterfly do look more gray than black but I like the sparkle.
So you see.......sometimes mistakes actually don't end up being mistakes but a new technique.  Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think.


Harriet Skelly said...

Well this really came out so neat! Love that sparkle!

Annie said...

What a lovely mistake!! I like the sparkle! very pretty.

Was looking for the new clearance items, but cannot find.

Sheri said...

Pretty. I love all of the sparkle

Joanne said...

Knowing that the embossing powder actually holds the glitter on makes me think you created a new technique! And it's beautiful!

Lynette said...

Cool technique, Vicki! Beautiful card.


I like this one better because of the colors I used.  I also had flipped the stencil over embossing the design pieces going the opposite ...